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What Problems Does LenZ Solve?

Lenz solves the problems caused by manual interventions of alert and incident management systems. It eliminates the need for Level I staff requirements, unnecessary labor and time spent on managing the triage process, and confusing codes found in alert management systems. Lenz converts manual email/voice messaging systems to automated workflow with real time collaboration.

Operational Efficiency
Key Challenges

24/7 Systems Reliability and Availability

Volume of Events and Alert Overload

Alert Fatigue and Missed Alerts

Complexity of Monitoring Rules

Triaging incidents to the right team & generating reports

Determining the cause of critical IT events


Mazo LenZ Features



Reliable proactive customized notifications for all status changes with option to perform actions


Alert Status

Acknowledge, Resolved, Escalate, Reassign, Schedule Meeting. + open for customizations


SLA & Efforts

SLA Monitoring for TTA and TTR along with the Efforts spent on Alert categories.


System Reliability Engineering

Easy to use adaptive and responsive cards compatible in both Web and Mobile


Seamless Configuration

Interactive configuration for admin to customize User groups, applications, Roles, SLA’s, notifications


Reports & Dashboard

Customizable Reports and Dashboards for Alerts and Incidents against SLA’s and Efforts

Solve by Mazo LenZ

An intelligent Alert and Incident management helps to notified about Infrastructure or Application events for immediate attention which is inevitable for a sustaining business


Intelligent Machine Learning algorithms

Automatic Escalations & Configurable features

Customized notifications & routing rules

Agentless Operations Monitoring

Ability to Take Action & Track Efforts

Lenz is a plug-in product with vital features that is designed to extend capabilities of most alert and incident management systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Lenz compliments network and incident management software systems and provides features and functions not currently available from current vendors in this space. For clients who do not have an alert or incident management solution, Lenz may be a better fit than conventional network/incident management systems at a much lower cost.

The number of authorized users of Mazo Lenz is not limited by application, networks monitored or by location as long as the requisite number of licenses have been purchased.

Since Lenz is not embedded in your network/incident management system and runs as an agentless resource on your designated device.


New Alerts

New Alerts automatically generate a responsive card with options to acknowledge, resolve, or escalate the alert. These actions will be captured and reflected in our monitoring tool. Required actions can be customized by customers to fit their requirements. Our AI based workflow ensures TTA KPI is met 98% when coupled with trained and responsive staff.

Alert Escalation

Notification upon escalation of Alert with actions to Reassign to support personnel within User group or to Schedule meeting with user to discuss and address the issue

New Incident

Notification of new incidents in a responsive card with options to Assign, Reassign, Resolve which intern will be reflected in Ticketing tool. Required actions can be customized

SLA Reminder

Configured SLA’s are being monitored and proactive notification during any SLA breaches. Notifications include actions to Acknowledge/Escalate. This ensures SLA Adherence and KPI targets met.


Effort reduction of Incident Manager


Right & Responsible Alert assignments


TTA and TTR SLA Metrics adherence


Cost savings against other monitoring models

Work efficiently with your team







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