About Us

Mazo solutions is powered by people that possess as wide an array of expertise and skills as they do drive for active, positive change. We are most proud of our diversity in background, expertise, and industries. At Mazo Solutions, we strongly believe that strategically insightful, agile and competitive Engineering Capability and Talent Supply Chain are pivotal for Growth and Transformation of any business.
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For more than a decade

Mazo solutions has been delivering work that powers game-changing companies and global influencers

About Us

The Covid 19 pandemic affected businesses large and small throughout the world as it ravaged people from all walks and stations of life. There were many business failures by companies could not adapt to a new paradigm forced upon us by this dramatic event. Mazo Solutions as a multinational, distributed and virtual organization. All our staff was already working from their home office and communications across the various time zones in countries had already been established.

The impact of the pandemic was far less for us because there was little change needed in the organizational structure and no disruption in our dialogue with customers.

Products on time

Mazo was not totally unaffected by the Covid virus, several of our Indian staff contracted the virus and thankfully recovered. In the middle of the chaos sift hated by the virus in every country we do business, we were able to continue developing software solutions and products on time and within budget. You might be wondering how was that was possible? For us the answer is simple.

Visionary staffs

We don’t have managers we have leaders. We don’t have directors at push paper and attend meetings we have visionary staff at all levels of the organization. Every member of Mazo use themselves as part of our large family and we all look after one another professionally and personally. With this orientation we can focus on the customer and delivering exceptional results for them in every endeavor we undertake.

Low operational costs

One of the products that we developed during the pandemic is Mazo Lenz. This product can be used in conjunction with all of the major incident management and network management software to improve quicker response to alarms and incidents and to reduce operational costs.